Based on a true story - Best of Escape with Romeo

Doppel CD

CD 1:  2022 Versions                                      CD 2 : Originals

Outside from your parties                                    Wrong laila

Where are you now ?                                             After the party

Wings                                                                        Everyone against Everyone       

Someone, Somewhere, Someday                        Here comes the night

Somebody                                                               Somebody

Refuge                                                                     Tears of Kali

Schnitterlied                                                           Problem child

White room                                                             Darknesstaker

It's loneliness                                                           Helicopters in the falling rain

Everyone against Everyone                                   It's loneliness

Took some time                                                      Serious

Alaska                                                                       There's a ghost

Rescue me                                                               Grounded

Lovesick                                                                   Anteroom for your love

When the hammer comes down                          Refuge (Stripped again Version)

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After the future

Vinyl Album, Klappcover

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After the party                    Someone, Somewhere, Someday

Cold Future                         Heart of Darkness

All is lost                              Empty skies

Fake lover                            In your daughters eyes

Wrong side of town           After the Future



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